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Who We Are

Mobile Communications Inc. is a consultative solution’s provider for two-way radios, simulcast radio and paging systems, P25, trunked radio systems, fleet communications, bi-directional amplifiers & DAS systems and complete 911 & PSAP dispatch centers.

Our clienteles are representative of a broad cross-section of vertical markets in both business and government, for whom wireless communication is crucial.

These markets include, but are not limited to, education, healthcare, manufacturing, public safety, utilities, construction, transportation, and customized solutions.

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Industries We Serve


Typically, today’s local schools and higher-education campuses range in size from single level, multi-wing facilities, covering 20+ acres, to numerous multi-level buildings that encompass several city blocks; all possessing a legion of access points. And school districts can easily span an area of one-thousand square miles, and more.

Multiple access points and large areas of operation, combined with less than optimal communications, can place a strain on campuses’ and districts’ safety and severely impede a rapid response to disruptions and emergencies.

Two-way radios and other forms of wireless communication (WiFi, cellular, etc.) are commonplace devices that can be integrated into school operations for administrators, security personnel, key team members and maintenance staff to communicate on matters of security, safety, supervision and facility upkeep.

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The field of healthcare is dynamic and swiftly evolving.

Physicians, nurses, home care providers, healthcare professionals, support staff and campus security are more mobile than ever and require efficient and reliable service for every situation, while keeping client information secure.

Ensuring patient safety, security and services has never been more important and a wireless communications system is the linchpin that connects the entire healthcare facility, and its staff, with reliable networks and devices; seamlessly linking multiple, diverse platforms, securely; two-way radios, cellular, messaging and data.

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In today’s ultra-competitive manufacturing environment, worldwide competition is fierce; time is, truly money! Efficiency, productivity, responsiveness and safety are key factors to success in your daily business. Instant, seamless, effective communications between receiving, manufacturing, warehousing, logistics and the front office is a vital tool to achieving maximum yield and your goals.

Typically, the complex nature of manufacturing and heavy industry impose unique challenges to clear communications. Today’s ruggedized two-way radios and wireless devices provide static free voice and data communications that can overcome these common workplace challenges.

Today’s ruggedized wireless devices and their numerous benefits, when properly deployed, can help your team optimize your facility’s output and achieve scheduled targets.

Effective communication equals efficiency, a smooth workflow, rapid response to exigent circumstances, accountability and an information flow providing your operations with real-time data.

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Typically, Law Enforcement, Fire and EMS personnel can agree on this one thing, every single time.


Exigent circumstances require an effectual, rapid response which, in turn, demands that first responders are equipped with public-safety quality, maximum durability communications technology. Without it, lives, property, and peace of mind are at stake.

Public-Safety communication is unique in its requirements, including…

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Inclement weather conditions can typically grind even the most robust and sophisticated operations to a halt. While others batten down the hatches to stay safe and warm, utility companies are the first responders whose job has only just begun. Utilities keep the lights, heat, phones, TV’s, radios, computers and game boxes powered on; all things electrical and wireless; convenient and necessary.

Maintaining high service levels daily presents its own set of challenges but when systems fail, expectations to repair and restore services rapidly, compounded by extreme work conditions, can suddenly raise the intensity of the challenge.

To respond effectively and with urgency reliable communications solution.

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Fleet management is an important concern for most companies. Fleet operations are under constant pressure to deliver greater efficiency while maintaining a safe working environment for team members and protect valuable assets, too. Savvy business owners and fleet managers are always on the lookout for opportunities to streamline vehicle and driver operations.

However, prevailing federal and state legislation that bans cell-phone use, volatile fuel prices and the occasional poor performance team member, don’t make the business of efficient fleet management any easier.

Regardless of the industry or size of the fleet, there exists common pressure points with which every fleet manager must contend. While certain industries may have unique requirements and larger operations may magnify specific pressure points, in the final analysis, the challenges of fleet management are just as real, for all.

It is imperative for fleet managers to have a solution that provides the keys to effective fleet management; efficiency, accountability and visibility

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Tired of your weak cellular or radio service, roaming your office or a building to find a signal, stepping outside into the weather to make or receive a call, and dropped calls on the road? If you can’t receive a strong signal, you simply can’t communicate effectively.

Cellular and public-safety systems build out their wireless networks to provide wide-area coverage, which tends to be more concentric to populated areas. However unfortunate for the end-user, in-building signal penetration, depressed or sunken topography and rural, low density areas of population many times draw the short-straw in these build outs. Still, staying connected is of highest importance in this electronic age; cellular phones replacing land line phones at a break-neck pace and public-safety communications being critical in nature.

Mobile Communications Inc. has successfully provided in-building and mobile wireless coverage to hospitals, schools, public-safety, warehouses, office buildings, fleets and more. We provide a turnkey solution to meet your company’s unique needs.

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Experience You Can Trust! 

Mobile Communications Inc.’ team members include FCC licensed technicians possessing more than 75 years of combined experience servicing wireless communications equipment, and who have obtained certifications for quality brands like EF Johnson, Kenwood, Motorola, Tait, Catalyst and Bosch Telex and advanced system technologies such as P25, NEXEDGE, TETRA and DMR.

Key Skills include but are not restricted to: installation and maintenance, system controls, system schematics/blueprints, RF Diagnostics & Repair, TCP/IP networking, radar certifications, safety and quality assurance, wiring diagrams, testing instruments, RF ID, RF systems propagation studies, coverage maps and P25 infrastructure.


Not every company or event needs a radio system for full-time use. When short-term solutions are required radio rentals can provide the connectivity and security features your company needs at pricing that’s easy on your budget.
Mobile Communications Inc. can free you and your staff from confusing regulations, bureaucratic hassles and red tape, so they can do more for your business.
Today’s law enforcement, fire, EMS, DOT and commercial vehicles are high tech machines outfitted with complex OEM electronics. Equipping your vehicles with new systems requires seasoned professionals and a trustworthy partner that does the job right, the first time.
Mobile communications provides system design for radio communications and BDA/DAS systems that include needs assessment, site selection, radio propagation studies, and system mapping.
Whether you work in public safety, utilities, transportation, healthcare, manufacturing, construction or education, your radio is like an extension of yourself. Outages and equipment failures require a quick response from experienced, technically qualified professionals.
Mobile Communications Inc. offers full maintenance programs for all systems that we represent. Regular preventative maintenance by our technical staff minimizes failures and down-time.
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