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Inclement weather conditions can typically grind even the most robust and sophisticated operations to a halt.

Not so the Utilities!

While others batten down the hatches to stay safe and warm, utility companies are the first responders whose job has only just begun. Utilities keep the lights, heat, phones, TV’s, radios, computers and game boxes powered on; all things electrical and wireless; convenient and necessary.

Maintaining high service levels daily presents its own set of challenges but when systems fail, expectations to repair and restore services rapidly, compounded by extreme work conditions, can suddenly raise the intensity of the challenge.

To respond effectively and with urgency, all the while preserving the safety of personnel and assets, utilities require a reliable communications solution; a flexible, customizable mix of static-free voice, messaging, GPS vehicle tracking and data services, over a wide coverage area.

Mobile Communications Inc. provides spectrum efficient solutions, custom tailored to fit your specific utility’s needs. Plus, with our rapidly expanding public-safety grade, digital wireless network – Fleet Talk — we provide reliable communications services over a 40,000+ square mile area.

Whether maintaining your current system with our team of experienced certified techs, upgrading your system, designing and implementing a migration path for your operations, or providing a robust wide-area ready to use, state-of-the-art, digital communications system – Fleet Talk, we keep your utility’s communications up and running!

Mobile Communications Inc. is a partner with the experience to help you achieve:

  • Quicker response times
  • Enhanced crew safety
  • Effectively manage the delivery of services.
  • Monitor your fleet without breaking the bank

Mobile Communications Inc. collaborates with you, to ensure your work crews and distributed assets are connected, visible to each other, transparent to dispatchers, giving management complete control.

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