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Fleet management is an important concern for most companies. Fleet operations are under constant pressure to deliver greater efficiency while maintaining a safe working environment for team members and protect valuable assets, too. Savvy business owners and fleet managers are always on the lookout for opportunities to streamline vehicle and driver operations.

However, prevailing federal and state legislation that bans cell-phone use — hand-held and hands-free devices – volatile fuel prices and the occasional poor performance team member, don’t make the business of efficient fleet management any easier.

Regardless of the industry or size of the fleet, there exists common pressure points with which every fleet manager must contend. While certain industries may have unique requirements and larger operations may magnify specific pressure points, in the final analysis, the challenges of fleet management are just as real, for all.

It is imperative for fleet managers to have a solution that provides instant voice communications, addresses safety, tracks productivity, streamlines their vehicle and driver operations and promotes value and service to their customers, while maintaining compliance with DOT Rules and Regulations. If all the aforementioned aren’t a hat trick, the solution needs to be affordable, at a price that maintains profitability and flexibility, customizable to the exclusive needs and future growth of their industry and company.

Mobile Communications Inc., via Fleet Talk, offers a wide-area digital communications system that can provide you with the keys to effective fleet management; efficiency, accountability and visibility. With a smarter solution for trucks, vans, buses and cars — fleets large and small — Fleet Talk provides the following benefits:

  • Crystal clear, static-free voice calls.
  • Fleet dispatch, group call and individual call functionality — customized to your needs.
  • Operator-free roaming; never change channels between towers, again.
  • DOT Compliance.
  • GPS vehicle tracking.
  • Apps for your smartphones and tablets
  • Voice integration – seamless between smartphones, tablets, computers and fleet devices
  • Messaging – seamless between smartphones, tablets, computers and fleet devices
  • Business productivity software solutions
  • Customized data solutions
  • Integration of all productivity and data solutions between smartphones, tablets, computers and fleet devices
  • Wide-area coverage – greater than 40,000 square miles and growing!

From fleet management to passenger security, Mobile Communications Inc. and Fleet Talk have transportation and logistics solutions to move cargo, passengers and team members safely and efficiently.

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